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Europe needs founders. Why? Because founders hustle. They create businesses, income streams, jobs, taxes and strengthen the community by offering cultural workplace diversity.

It is not to say that big companies are bad. Big companies have the power to change the economy, drive innovation forward, and generally do it even faster than startups given the right people are in the driver seat. And for the last few years, at least in tech, the right people actually have. Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are all companies driving the world to a better place, each through providing the platform for innovation in unparalleled ways. Google, by far, is in the driving seat of the biggest creator of wealth in the modern world: Chrome and its V8 engine. It cannot be overstated how much of an positive impact Google has on this world.

However, all of the mentioned tech companies are from the US, all of them started with people wanting to do their own thing, all of them got sparked by the very American idea of making it to the top.