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Fit People Are More Productive: How To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Working and staying fit can be a challenge as a white-collar worker, but once you do, the benefits are huge.

Wouldn't it be great if we could always enjoy a healthy, happy and productive life at work?

Let’s be honest, most of the time, it seems impossible to keep 100% work productivity at all times. However, there’s tons of evidence that suggests that encouraging exercise at work can increase productivity and effectiveness significantly.

Exercising increases endorphins, stabilizes energy levels and improves mental and physical well-being. This means that providing your employees the opportunity to work out either at work or outside the office environment can be extremely beneficial for their health and for your company!

Now, imagine that your workforce had a more positive attitude, was healthier, more self-confident and less prone to getting sick, that would be great, right? Today, we will show you some tips you can implement right away to improve your workforce’s health and boost their productivity.

Benefits Of Exercising At The Office

Exercise affects brain function, cognitive performance and energy levels. In other words, it can improve your staff’s performance and thus, the business’.

Here are the top four benefits that physical activity can add to the workspace:

1. Productivity Booster
There’s evidence that shows that promoting physical activity among your staff can substantially increase their productivity and efficiency. This is due to the fact that exercise increases endorphins that make you happy and more positive and balances sugar blood levels, which helps keep a balanced energy level in the body.

2. Memory enhancement
Studies have shown that the hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with learning and memory, grows as people get fitter. So, those squats can actually make a difference after all!

3. Improved concentration
According to research, students' attention in schools improved after a 20-minute aerobic exercise routine introduced between lessons. On the other hand, another group of children who took part in the study, were evaluated the year after, and the studies show that apart from being healthier, they were also much more concentrated and were able to successfully ignore distractions, were able to multitask, and handle information more effectively.
If your employees are losing focus and not paying attention, maybe introducing an active break could be a great idea!

4. Improved creativity
Research conducted by American psychologists discovered that taking a walk promoted divergent thinking, which is responsible for creative thinking and generating ideas.

Workers who engage in physical activities regularly also have improved mood and lower levels of stress, which may not only help in reducing absenteeism, but also in talent retention.

The More We Move, The More Productive We Are

It's easy to think that when employees are sitting at the desk working diligently on a production line, they are at their most productive. After all, they seem productive, right?

The Leeds Metropolitan University stated that the times employees went to the gym during working hours, they also planned their time more effectively and were more productive and interacted more with colleagues. They also said that they felt more satisfied at the end of the work day.

So while it may seem counterproductive to see your staff go to the gym during business hours, there might be great reasons to let them go.

How To Promote A Healthier Life For Your Employees?

If you don't have the budget to build a gym in your office, there are a number of ways to help your employees get fit.

You can start with simple things, such as motivating them to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Or you may also set aside a room with mats, so they can practise yoga, stretch or simply let them move around or walk around the block.

Another great idea to promote physical activity within your organization is forming sports teams or a company league to promote wellness. This is a great idea as it also helps build stronger relationships with each other.

You may also encourage your team to participate in solidarity races. They will help a good cause, and they’ll be more productive. Additionally, you may also encourage people to cycle to work and offer them a spot where they can park their bicycles. Not only will you be promoting their health, but you’ll also be helping the environment.

Ultimately, you can explore other options, such as corporate gym benefits. This option is an investment, in the end you will have a motivated workforce.


Regardless of the size of your company, there is no doubt that your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Taking care of their well-being contributes to increasing their job satisfaction and their productivity, whilst reducing sick days and accidents in the workplace.

That is why a successful company knows the importance of their employees’ health. Now that you know all the benefits, what are you planning to do next?



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