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Fruitless Persistence

Donald Trump still has not conceded: He makes millions because of it.

Someone’s not ready to concede defeat. And someone’s getting a sizeable amount of ‘donations’ for fighting a legal battle that every other person has termed an utter blunder. Of course, there won’t be any rewards for guessing who this is.

Donald Trump, ever since November 3rd, has received $207.5 million as donations for his loud ambition to topple the popular mandate that Biden has won. But, not all of $207.5 million is going to the ‘recount’ account. It’s split between entities or committees run by the party and the campaign in varying measures. That there are people willing to aid his failure-ridden road to a legal challenge even when he has started considering an electoral run in 2024, is rather bewildering. For one, the latter contemplation only hints at how unsure Trump is of the chances that someone would declare him a winner and throw all the votes Biden won in the trash. As though there rose a necessity to justify why he and his team are still clinging on to a slippery rope, Trump’s cronies have come forth with the idea that things could go their way if the electors deemed ‘faithless’ shut their eyes and move astray.

On December 14th, the electoral college is set to vote and there are quite a few states that don’t have any particular legislation in place that requires the electors to choose the candidate they stand for. This inconvenience is what the GOP – at least the part of it that supports Trump – is looking at with an inquisitiveness that equals only that of young kids waiting for their favourite cartoon to show what’s in store for the day. But, even in these states where Trump’s campaign hopes to see some major toppling owing to the recognized legality of defective actions on the side of the electors, all observations point at the improbability of the outgoing-President gaining 37 or more votes. Therefore, the chances seem bleak for Trump gaining an upper hand after 14th. By this point, it has become impossible to determine what’s stranger – that the Trump team is counting on last-minute cunning of ‘faithless’ electors or that they are still clamouring about the ‘illegality’ of postal ballots. Even calling this strange is an understatement.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager seeks to cleanse the corrupt electoral system in America – perhaps because it so damaged his political boss’ expectations to continue and mint more profit than facilitated by the first term. Not many days ago, it was also revealed that the Trump Organization and Kushner Companies were amongst those corporates to benefit most from the PPP loans. One might ask how the small businesses stood to gain from this.

At least some good is coming out of the past few days – the struggle to stay on in power isn’t gaining as much attention as it did when Trump’s open challenges began. Ignorance is bliss in some highly exceptional cases.

As for the current situation, even a loophole isn’t going to be of help to Donald Trump.



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