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The best Funk Grooves on YouTube

Do you like Jazzy Grooves? Then this is for you. Here is a collection of the best Jazzy Grooves we know on YouTube.

Photo by Julio Rionaldo / Unsplash
Feel free to add your own picks in the comments. :)

Snarky Puppy

If you like jazzy grooves, you have to know Snarky Puppy. The mix of complex yet super enjoyable tracks is mesmerizing: 🕺

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is often described as a modern-day Mozart. His Jazz compositions are genuinely out of this world...

Scary Pockets

Scary Pockets is a household name when it comes to Funk on YouTube. Fun fact: On many records, keyboards are played by Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon.

Here is a super cool version of Robben Ford's 80s TV Theme:


Ledisi takes her voice and lays down expressions from soft and soulful to the full-of-energy escapades that leave you with your jaw dropped to the floor: 😲


If Ledisi already got you in the mood: Wait until you hear D'Angelo. He might be the ultimate definition of "cool": 😎

We hope you found some inspiration in today's post ♥️. In case you did not, we are committed to also not bother you with out music taste 🙏, so we are only going to do this 2 to 4 times a year :)



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