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The Rabble-Rouser in House

With Marjorie Taylor Greene’s win, her ideology too gets a helping hand for worse

Donald Trump’s campaign has already initiated legal action in some key states where he felt his lead magically disappeared, thanks to some mail-ballots that were ‘dumped’ out of the blue. He’s trying very hard to hold on for some grip while Joe Biden inches ahead. But, amidst all the tug, confusion, and disinformation, something went relatively unnoticed Marjorie Taylor Greene got elected to Congress. For someone who does not know who she is or what she stands for, the win may seem inconsequential – nothing to bother about. But the problem here is the fact that she has been an outspoken supporter of QAnon – the conspiracy theory spinners who have been gaining ground even in Europe today.

Greene, most recently, went against some of her party members, who she called “Republican cowards” for being “spineless hacks” and not fighting back against the “STEAL”. Of course, it is the same magical disappearance of leads that she’s referring to as ‘steal’ here. She’s also called this “illegal” and her anger surely does seem powered by how Joe Biden is the only one benefitting from mail-in ballots. However, like all Republican cronies of Trump, Greene does not see how this was expected since Donald Trump strictly discouraged his supporters from turning to mail-in ballots for casting their votes. The word ‘steal’ has often featured prime in her speeches – she’s declared that she’s going to stop socialism from stealing away America’s freedom, that she’s going to stop Nancy Pelosi, the Squad, and the radicals of the left from letting this happen. Presenting oneself as the leader of all efforts to ‘Save America’, Greene has taken it up as her responsibility to not allow Pelosi to ‘change’ the country. Or should this be read as disrupting the proceedings of the House?

Despite winning from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, Marjorie Taylor Greene still hasn’t learned much to intake the spirit of political sanity yet. There’s reason to be doubtful if that will be possible any time soon. Trump hails Greene as a future Republican ‘star’. She considers Q – of QAnon – a patriot who is just toiling endlessly to release America from the cabals of Satan. The danger in her being elected as a representative lies in this very belief of hers. She will be taking this along into the House, and she will remain a representative of the people – getting elected unopposed, after Kevin Van Ausdal dropped out of the race, gives her an eerie advantage as well. It isn’t just her ideological solidarity with QAnon that makes her entrance into Congress troubling. Greene has criticized the wearing of masks as well, in keeping with Trump’s own unscientific approach. We’re looking at someone who dismantles social safety through her choice of words and action.

But, none of this takes away the fact that she did end up getting elected, however debilitating this may be. Though, on the larger canvas, Biden has pooled in more support and is just a lap away from being declared winner, things like Greene’s triumph show us that alt-right populism hasn’t yet gone under. There remains a thriving, fidgety expanse of white nationalism. This cannot be set right with a Biden win alone – a longer journey lies forward where we’ll be tackling nationalism that feeds on a global trend.

Nevertheless, as a neutralizer to all the overlapping political waves, it does help to know that Laura Loomer lost her race.



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