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Why do we need a European Universal Basic Income?

The landscape of jobs is shifting. More and more tasks can be done by robots leading to less positions in repetitive low skilled work sectors. At the same time most countries have increasing populations. While education is on a rise too, it is outmatched by the shift to high skilled jobs leaving increasing amount of people with less hope for a position with a monthly pay that allows for a satisfying lifestyle.

White robot human features
Photo by Alex Knight / Unsplash

A well-working society is defined by a large percentage of people being content. Being content is not about absolute luxury. It is about relative luxury. A society which sees a huge gap between a well off elite and struggling masses not being able to participate in a partly luxury life as compared to the elite will produce large amounts dissatisfied and disillusioned individuals. This is something a society as a whole should avoid as the dissatisfied will find ways outside of society to get satisfied leading to increased criminal and corrupt activities.

As a result it must be a cornerstone of future societies to decouple participation in a partly luxury lifestyles from well paying jobs walled by education. In other words the solution here is a Universal Basic Income.